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Practice Morning Gratitude to Stay Positive Every Day

Changing your thinking really doesn’t have to be an overwhelming and complicated process. Sure, it’s not easy. Nor will it happen overnight. However, making a deliberate effort to alter a few items or add a few new habits to your everyday routine will lead to long-term outcomes that last. One practice you can begin to instill that’s not terribly intimidating is to embrace gratitude as you start your day.

Expressing gratitude in the morning helps to build a good outlook for the rest of the day by getting you on the right track before you even walk out the door. The following information will explain this simple process and the benefits it can offer.

A Common Gratitude Exercise

One of the simplest and most powerful ways to practice gratitude every day is to write in a journal. The act of placing the pen on paper can be soothing in itself, almost as if you were making your intentions as you put the letters on the page. Some people tend to type their journals into their screen, and that’s good, too. But the main thing is to regularly take time and express gratitude in the journal every day.

You may simply compose a list of five items that you’re thankful for every morning as a way to concentrate your mind on positivity as your day starts, or you can decide to write longer entries. By making writing a habit every morning, you’re going to incorporate a routine that brings constructive thought to the forefront of every day.

It’s hard to fall into negative thinking habits when you’re reminded every day of all the positive things you’re lucky enough to have, like good health, housing, caring family, good friends, and food to nourish you.

Benefits of a Morning Gratitude Exercise

The primary explanation for why adopting gratitude works is that it deliberately changes your attention to a more positive and optimistic mindset instead of one that focuses on lack or negativity. In order for this shift to become internalized into your frame of reference, you’ll need to practice. That’s where daily writing comes in. Journaling makes it more real and is more proactive than attempting to change your thinking alone.

When you begin to accept gratitude on a regular basis, you will soon find that you become less afraid. Grateful people concentrate their attention on abundance, which inevitably helps to transcend fear. Being less fearful helps you to have a certain peace of mind that is reassuring.

There could be more risk when there is less fear. You can find greater success in your career and other areas of interest because gratitude allows you the freedom to do what is important to you. Both of these advantages together have the potential to make you a much happier person in life.

Practical Steps to Getting Started

The toughest part of introducing a new routine is usually just getting started. To help you become more dedicated to your morning gratitude exercise, it is necessary to put some concrete steps in place. Be rational, first of all. Your new habit isn’t going to take hold right away, so be easy on yourself if you catch yourself skipping a day here and there. Only get back into the groove as soon as you can and move on.

Discouragement is what drives us to quit. In the beginning, set the alarm to go off 20 minutes or so sooner than usual. This will give you adequate time to attend to your morning ritual, so you don’t feel rushed. As you get used to a journal every day, all you need is a fast five minutes.

If you find that you can’t keep this practice on your own, get a friend to help with accountability. Tell them about your new target and ask them to check with you on occasion. This will inspire you to stick to writing until it becomes a habit.

So there you have it. It’s not all that difficult to begin a routine of gratitude, but the rewards are awesome. You may soon discover that you truly crave this peaceful alone time to set your daily intentions and to enjoy the quiet solitude.

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