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Learn To Appreciate A Jerk

jerk behind the wheel

Not everyone who treats you poorly is doing so because of you. Their choice to treat you badly is just that, their choice. Sooner or later we all must deal with a jerk. If from the very beginning you remember that their jerkiness is not about you, you are on your way to being able to appreciate them.

Appreciate a jerk? Yes! I ask you take it even farther and develop feelings of kindness towards them and take it beyond the feelings of kindness and treat them kindly even when they are being a huge flaming jerk.

First, you must stop thinking of this person as a jerk or as any other negative name you call them. What you want is to use a phrase that is positive, that recognizes that person is providing you with the ability to strengthen yourself and your conflict resolution skills.

Or perhaps simply use his or her name. He or she does have a name and to say jerk is dehumanizing and makes it too easy for you to distance yourself from him or her.

Next you must be willing to start the process of being compassionate to this person and this means opening your mind to the possibility that you can and will think positive thoughts about this person.

Take some time and think about this person. Come up with at least three good qualities they possess or three positive statements that you can make about them.

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