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Keeping Your Energy Positive to Attract Money and Wealth

Have you noticed that when you’re feeling good inside and out, great people gravitate towards you? Let’s say you’ve had a good night’s sleep, a great day at work, and you have to attend a party that night.

The chances are very high that you’ll have a wonderful, memorable time. This is not a coincidence. You would have been giving out bright, positive, encouraging energy which would have attracted the right people to you. You would have had great conversations and probably left making a good friend or two. We’ve all experienced similar situations.

The point is this – every single one of us can sense positive and negative energy.

Now in the same vein, if you can attract interesting, sincere people to you in just a few hours, doesn’t it follow that you can also attract money, wealth and other good things with your energy?

Everything in the world is made up of energy, and that includes wealth. If your company is going through an unusually busy period, your boss may ask you to work longer hours.

You have to take work home and even work on weekends. At the end of the peak period, your boss organizes a dinner to show his or her appreciation. There, he/she announces that because of all your hard work, your company did well and your bonus will be bumped up by 30%.

Try and imagine that situation right now.

Now imagine yourself at the dinner. When your boss announces the bonus bump, does your mind go immediately to a list of things you can spend it on? Or is your very first reaction to bask in the glow of appreciation?

It’s probably the latter, and that’s because money carries its own energy. You worked hard, gave up your time, and probably missed more than a few special occasions. After all that, you were thanked and appreciated. You feel good about it and would probably be willing to do it again. Why?

Because there was an exchange of energy here – your hard work for acknowledgment and a healthy cash reward.

Now let’s try a short experiment. Go back to the period where you were working hard, feeling exhausted, and probably more than a little discouraged. You’ve reached the end of this tough stretch. And without so much as a ‘thank you, your boss tells you all to get back to work as usual.

What are the first feelings to bubble up?

You’d probably be angry, resentful and most of all, depleted. Why? Because there was no exchange of energy.

It was taken from you, but unlike the bonus scenario, it was not given back.

Money doesn’t just carry the potential to buy things. Its energy has a real impact on how you feel. More importantly, your energy has a direct relationship with how much cash you attract to you.

This is exactly why the law of attraction gurus place so much emphasis on keeping your energy positive. Remember the party and how you attracted real, thinking people to you with your energy? You can do exactly the same thing with wealth.

But how, you ask? “I’m sunk in debt, and I have a job I hate.” It is natural for anyone in that situation to wake up feeling like they’ve carried a sack of rocks all night. The truth is that keeping a positive attitude takes practice. The good news is that you can start right now as you read this post.


Debt is an evil slave master who bores a hole in your stomach every time you think of it. It shames, it blames, and like a thief in the night, it quietly steals your sleep. That’s the trap most of us fall into. We focus on the debt, and as we do, we endow it with more and more power. In doing so, by focusing on what we lack, we attract scarcity to ourselves.

How can you change this to a positive? Firstly, stop making debt the focal point of your day and your long, sleepless nights. When you catch yourself thinking about all the money that is in the red, flip it immediately. In your mind, look at that exact same amount – but in the black. Tell yourself that that’s how much money you have in your bank account.

Feel it. Act it. Own it.

Do this, and you will not only repel scarcity, but you will also start to attract ways to pay off that dreaded ‘D’ word. And watch your coffers carefully because it won’t stop there!

Loathsome Jobs

Let’s face it. Being stuck in a job that you hate, with back-stabbing colleagues and a volatile boss is nobody’s idea of a good life. But we stick with it because it’s practical. Because anything else is too risky. Because we need to eat.

And every day is miserable.

Let’s think about that party again and the people who were attracted to your company. The same principle applies to your job. Find one positive thing at work to focus on and start there. It may be that great coffee place around the corner from the office.

You get to have that great coffee because you work there. Savor your drink. Enjoy its aroma. Look forward each day to that cup of coffee.

What does this have to do with anything? Fair question.

The coffee (or muffin/deli sandwich/hot dog) offers you a fast way to switch up your energy when it comes to your job. Locate the one thing that adds a little joy to your day. The more emphasis you give it, the more joy you will feel.

The more positive you feel, the more optimistic you’ll be about attracting both wealth and happiness. A bullying boss may be replaced by someone who recognizes your worth and gives you a decent raise. This nurtures a healthy work environment, leading to happier colleagues and a workplace that is actually pleasant.

Fulfillment may not manifest in the exact order described above, of course. Your positivity and confidence will attract a vast array of great things that cannot possibly be listed here. All you have to do is start now.

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