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Keep Negative Energy At Bay

keep negative energy at bay

keep negative energy at bay

The people we allow to come into our lives can create a huge contribution to how we see life. If we are surrounded with negative people, we also attract negative energy. The problem with allowing these people to control our lives and affect our way of thinking is that we have the tendency to give up and become a reflection of the people that surround us.

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These people can be emotionally draining, but the good news is, you can still do something to change the way you view things. You can still move on and evict the negative and toxic energy. It is not your responsibility to please everyone and it is okay.

In today’s fast-paced society, it is often difficult to see how dealing with negative people, certain situations or low energy on a daily basis can affect us. Often times, we may think we just feel grumpy or tired and not really think too much of it, but it is much deeper than one may think at a glance. We may have had our energy flow interrupted by a negative vibration, or a psychic vampire – as they are sometimes referred to by intuitives, psychics and empaths.

We may not even have realize this is what has taken place. Energy is what we are all made up of, so it is completely natural for us to feel the ripple effects of lower vibrations within our being, even from external sources. We literally can begin to absorb what frequency we are around.

This is true for both negative or positive energy. When we absorb a person’s higher vibrational energy though, this is pleasant and can feel very euphoric, light, airy etc. When we are in the midst of a negative situation or around a negative person, the exact opposite can be observed. We may begin to feel heavy, develop a headache or even become physically sick. The air may feel thick and dense. Generally, it is not a good feeling that comes with any type of low energy.

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1. Take some time to breathe.

When I’m surrounded by negative vibes, I just pick up and leave and head to the woods. I spend time in nature because it makes me feel purified in a sense. Like all negativity is washed off of me. Once there, I breathe deeply. I smell the air. I let it revitalize me. When I inhale, I breathe in neutral energy. Once mine, I make it good. When I exhale, I breathe out the negative energy. It’s rather therapeutic.

2. Just ignore it.

In the same way a parasite requires a host in order to live, a negative person needs someone to absorb their negativity. Otherwise, what’s the point? When you ignore a negative person, you take the wind out of their sails. You can’t tell them how they should be, but you can decide whether or not to pay attention.

sources: Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negative Energy. – Thousand Thoughts |Dealing With Negative People, Situations & Energy

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