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Journaling Can Help You Sleep Better

Stress can come from anywhere. Worries exist in every aspect of life. Worrying about work, family, and responsibilities can seem stressful. Running everything through your head without a stress outlet can make it difficult to sleep.

When you need to rest, your mind becomes hyper-focused on stressful situations, making it difficult to fall asleep. It’s easy to set anxieties aside and focus on other things during the day, but it’s far more difficult to distract ourselves when we’re lying in bed, attempting to finish our day.

Journaling is one of the most efficient techniques to relieve stress and clear our minds of troubles. Journaling is effective because it

  • Concentrates your thoughts;
  • Provides a creative outlet;
  • Allows you to get your thoughts out of your mind; and
  • Provides an opportunity for issue resolution.

Journaling before bed can help relieve tension and make falling asleep easier.

Here’s why…

Journaling assists you in getting a hold of your thoughts

Journaling assists you in focusing your thoughts and getting them out on paper. Instead of obsessing and fretting about problems, it allows you to organize and process your ideas.

…And allows you to better comprehend the source of your stress and focus your thoughts rather than constantly running them through your mind.

Journaling engages a separate area of the brain

The act of writing and journaling engages your brain’s creative side. This can assist in relieving stress. Depending on the type of journaling you conduct, it may assist raise dopamine levels in your brain chemistry, so reducing stress.

Writing isn’t the only way to keep a journal. It can be as creative as you like, including but not limited to coloring, doodling, poetry writing, or any other form of expression.

Journaling gets thoughts out of your head by tricking your brain into dumping them and leaving them on paper. Journaling can assist you in getting thoughts out of your head so that your mind can stray to something else.

Psychologically, your brain feels that the thoughts are organized on paper and no longer require as much focused focus, allowing your mind to rest.

Journaling stimulates problem solutions

Just as emptying your mind in the shower can lead to epiphanies, journaling can stimulate problem solutions. Worrying about stress clogs your head with unpleasant thoughts and worry. Journaling activates our innate problem-solving abilities and makes it easier to identify solutions.

Journaling before bed might help relieve stress and leave your mind feeling tranquil. This can assist your mind in simply shutting down and drifting into REM sleep when the mind and body can mend and mend.

Journaling before bedtime can help your mind release the stresses of the day and prepare for a good night’s sleep.

Beating The Stress Addiction

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