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How to go From Positive Thinking to Positive Action

Positivity is a wonderful thing. You’re beginning to understand how your thoughts influence your feelings and behavior. You may want to gain more control over your situation by consciously transforming your thoughts into more actionable steps.

This is something you can accomplish by implementing some proactive strategies. Continue reading to learn how to transform your approach to life and goals from positive thinking to positive action.

Make It Known

The concept of manifestation is extremely powerful. It is based on the idea that if you make your desires known, they will come to you and that you will receive what you believe. This philosophy may or may not appeal to you, but the premise is sound. By declaring your intentions to the Universe, you are putting them into your subconscious mind and increasing your chances of acting on them.

Be Accountable

Don’t just tell the Universe about your plans. Inform everyone. Inform your friends, family, and social media followers of your plans and objectives. This will hold you accountable for following through on them rather than simply wishing for them to come true.

People will undoubtedly inquire about your progress, and you will want to be able to provide a positive response. You can even ask some of your closest friends to keep you accountable by checking in with you on a regular basis. If you’re a writer, keeping a blog of your progress may also be a good way to stay accountable.

Document It

Similarly, documenting your goal plan and progress is an excellent way to turn positive thinking into positive action. If you decide to blog about your experience, your words will serve as written proof of your progress and will push you to the finish line. Taking photos is another fantastic way to keep track of your actions and push yourself further.


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Check-In With Yourself

Keeping a goal in sight is a difficult task. When an idea is new, it’s easy to get excited about it during the planning stages. When the novelty wears off, and the hard work begins, it’s easy to give up. Keep yourself on track by checking in during difficult times to remind yourself why you’re pursuing this particular goal.

To be achieved, goals need motivation. Find your motivation, the thing that keeps you going. Then, on a regular basis, remind yourself of it. You may even want to make desire visible in some way. As a reminder, write it on a note and place it in your mirror or place an inspiring photo next to your computer.

Find a Model of Success

Choosing a successful person to model your behavior after and inspire you is an excellent way to boost your efforts. It is critical to understand that you do not have to be exactly like this person, but having a role model can certainly help you visualize your goal.

As your model, choose someone from your own life or someone you’ve read about. Investigate them to learn about their background, how they came to be where they are, the advice they offer, and other such tidbits. This proof of success demonstrates that it is possible to achieve your goals and provides a road map for doing so.

These suggestions should help you transition from positive thinking to positive action. Once you begin taking action toward your goals, you will likely gain momentum and find satisfaction in each step you take.

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