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How To Find Out If You’re Addicted To The Internet And When Should You Worry About It

addicted to the internet

addicted to the internet

As the famous saying goes, too much of everything is bad and excessive Internet use is no exception.

When distractions are often mistaken for variations, it becomes an excuse for getting sidetracked by anything you find entertaining online.

Internet users may consider this type of addiction trivial and only the people that surround them will be able to notice the changes in their behaviour.

When Internet use already interferes with your day to day activity, finding it difficult to stop yourself, addiction is already working its way into your system.

Addiction is a type of impulse-control problem. Some types of addiction associated with compulsive Internet use include net compulsions, cyber-relationship addiction, cybersex addiction and computer addiction. While the Internet can be a great source of information and a good form of entertainment, relying heavily on it can wreck havoc on your own productivity.

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