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7 Positive Affirmations To Keep You Motivated

positive affirmations to keep you motivated

positive affirmations to keep you motivated

Affirmations are simply statements that you think or say about yourself, and this can either be positive or negative. Negative self-talk can become a roadblock to being your best and enjoying life to the fullest, even if you work hard to pursue your dreams.

On the other hand, positive thoughts can give you the motivation you need to achieve your goals and succeed in every area of your life.

Repeating positive affirmations daily helps to reprogram your negative thoughts, so that you can manifest more positive thinking, feelings and experiences.

Simply put, they replace your negative self-talk with positive and motivating thoughts, which eventually become a reality. It’s important to note that your subconscious mind accepts as true the statements you keep telling yourself, and attracts corresponding events in your life.

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That means that if you choose to say only positive things to yourself, you’ll get positive results and vice versa. Repeating positive affirmations focuses your mind on your goals and dreams, and creates corresponding mental images in your conscious mind (the mind you think with).

Using this process intently and consciously, helps to influence your subconscious mind according to your will, which in turn reshapes the way you think, behave and act.

The following are 7 great positive affirmations you can start using…

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