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6 Signs You Have A Fulfilling Career


2. You feel more connected to humankind
When you make new connections and particularly when you see your work has helped people in one way or another, it reinforces the fascinating symbiotic successes we can achieve only through collaborating with others.

3. You love it when someone asks you what you do
When someone inquires as to your career, your heart swells.

4. You feel a deep sense of purpose
You’re driven by something other than money. You don’t punch in and out, you embrace each work day as your own. You have a reason to do what you do and it’s inextricable from who you are.

5. You see the future as holding promise, rather than uncertainty
You have goals that you know you can achieve. You frequently review the progress you’ve made and look to what’s next, both short-term and long-term, and your consciousness swells with potential energy.

6. You feel charged, rather than bummed, when it’s time to head back from a break
Everyone needs breaks. Working in beast-mode all day every day will wipe you out and hurt you in the long run. But the difference when you’re doing what you love is that breaks are nice, but getting back to it is nice too.