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5 Steps To Build Self Confidence

how to build self confidence in 5 steps

3. Concentrate on your strengths

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. But you must not only concentrate on your weaknesses alone. That’s because weaknesses bring negative thoughts in your mind. But on the other hand, the things you’re good at will bring positive thoughts in your mind. So it makes sense to concentrate on your strengths because these are the things that will encourage you into getting convinced that you’re capable of achieving what you thought was impossible.

4. Deal with your fears

Fear is an obstacle that is built in the mind. It’s never real. Therefore, if fear makes you worried, begin by recognizing why you’re so fearful. Then ask yourself whether you should allow that fear to stand in your way.

For example, if you’re not so confident about asking your boss for a raise in salary, you could still go ahead and ask them for that raise. After all, there will most likely be positive or negative outcomes. They might say Yes or no. They might also bring issues of you not performing quite well. But if they say no, you have nothing to lose, and you shall have tackled your fears at the same time. The smallest things you do build your self confidence.

5. Never compare yourself with others

The reason why building self confidence is an issue with many people is because they compare themselves with the success of others, then they believe they are failures.

However, the fact is, even the wealthiest in the world suffer from their own unique problems. Furthermore, there will always be someone who is smarter and wealthier than you. But at the same time, there will always be someone you’re smarter than. That’s how nature is supposed to balance things. There’s no reason to believe that you’re inferior when you can actually do greater things that someone else cannot do.

Developing self confidence is something that does not happen in one night. Taking all the steps mentioned above into account, you still have to practice them to get it right. But the most important thing is not to allow negative mind to control you and your confidence.