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4 Things To Practice When You Feel Like Giving Up


Almost everyone is familiar with the proverbial phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonades”.

It encourages optimism amidst adversities, misfortune and obstacles. Never give up, the greatest challenges are always when your journey begins.

Sometimes, you undergo a series of hardships before you experience sweet victory.

There are times when your goals in life are almost within your reach, but life throws challenges that deter you from making it to the finish line.

You feel like giving up and you just want to wave the white flag.

However, one should not have a negative perception about life. There is more to life than simply existing with comfort.

You may encounter problems that may test your strength and courage but your journey does not end there.

It is only the beginning of a great day ahead. More often than not, all it really takes is a positive mindset.

When your hopes are nebulous and your mind is clouded with doubts and fears, don’t ever think that you have not won the battle.

You just need to arm yourself with positivity and consider these best practices:

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1. Don’t lose your focus

When you are no longer focused on your goals in life, you often take the shortest route and unfortunately, the road you thought to be free of obstacles leads you to an undesirable outcome.

Regardless of the challenges in your life, stay focused on the things you want to achieve.

When you are determined, no one and nothing can stop you from realizing your dreams.

2. Take baby steps

Patience is indeed a virtue. When you learn to appreciate small progresses, the road leading to your goals will not be as hard as you thought it was.

Instead of taking that big leap, consider baby steps. As they say, slowly but surely.

3. Face your fears

Fears can swallow you whole and if you let them take over, you will live a life full of doubts.

Ask yourself of the things that are holding you back. Acknowledge your fears and learn to manage them wisely.

Seek professional help whenever necessary so you will be able to address the underlying issues that have been haunting you for years.

4. Be optimistic

When you avoid dwelling on negativity  and focus on good things, you will learn to appreciate life in general.

You should keep in mind that the sun still shines even after the storm.

Challenges are part of life. They can make you a better person once you have surpassed them.

Everyone has their own share of ups and downs, but don’t ever be hopeless because soon enough, things will fall into place.

When you feel like giving up, remember that the greatest achievements in life often require the greatest effort. The road to success can be challenging, but it is not insurmountable. Every obstacle you overcome is a step forward towards your goals, and every failure is an opportunity to learn and grow stronger. You possess a unique set of skills and talents that the world needs, and only you can bring them to life.

Believe in yourself and your abilities, and don’t let the doubts or fears of others bring you down. Instead, let your passion and determination fuel you towards greatness. When you feel like giving up, take a deep breath, gather your strength, and keep moving forward. Remember that you are capable of achieving anything you set your mind to, and the world is waiting to see you shine.