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4 Good Reasons You Should Take Time To Sit In Silence

Spending some alone time

Have you ever thought about taking a few minutes to be alone with yourself as you sit in silence? While the idea can be unusual, sitting in silence is the best advice you can give to yourself to relax your mind and take the pressure off your chest.

It may not be quite easy to sit still on a very busy day, but dedicating at least five minutes of your time to sit in silence and think about the things you should be thankful for can clear your mind of worries. Five minutes of silence is really a lot because it isn’t every day that you get to relax and focus on other things that really matter.

When you unplug yourself from the demands of modern life, you become more open to simple things that can really bring immense happiness. No matter how busy you are, take some time to sit in silence and reflect.

1. Mind Dump.

There is such a thing as information overload. There is also such a thing as information dumpload. Ok maybe I made that one up but you really need to dump some of the garbage in your head and the only way to do it is to sit in peace. It’s almost impossible to release what’s inside of us if more is coming at us from all angles. You need to Zen out and dump it. At the very least, once a day.

2. How can you hear anything?

With a head full of stuff. Are you listening? What do you hear other than noise and more noise? When you take a minute or two (or 10) to sit in silence you will notice how your mind will calm down and then you’ll truly be able to hear things. Your mind and heart try to tell you things all day every day but you can’t hear it ever. Sitting in silence will help you not only listen but truly hear.

3. Nature hike anyone?

If you’re going to be in silence you may as well pick an awesome place to be, right? There’s no better place than a tree-lined walking trail, or maybe a river bank, or how about a pretty little lake. Go out and take in some beauty of nature. You will see things you never saw before because you were too busy in your head.

4. How do I love thee, let me count the ways.

When you are able to sit in silence you appreciate things, everything anything and nothing so much more. This appreciation opens your heart to emotions you never knew you had, one of them being love for silence and the beauty around you. You can’t help but feel love.

Stopping the mind’s chatter

Source: 8 Life Changing Reasons Why You Should Sit in Silence Everyday

Photo credit: Austin Ban