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4 Destructive Habits You Need To Stop Doing

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There is no doubt that habits play a very important role in our lives. Something that is worth remembering is that habits can build up until they turn into beliefs, and many times the beliefs we generate are not always the most productive for our positive personal growth and instead halt our progress adding to our many daily challenges.

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These are some of the most destructive habits that we need to stop as soon as possible, not only will they get in the way of achieving your goals in life but will affect it in the long run.

1. The need to please others

There’s nothing wrong with finding joy when people are pleased with you. But there’s a big difference between “liking’ when people are pleased with you and “needing” to please people. It’s that “need” that becomes troublesome.

Needing other people’s approval is harmful because you give away your own personal power. Instead of doing things for your own reasons, you start to do them for the sake of others. Instead of listening to your heart for guidance, you listen to other’s opinions.

Your life is yours to live. Once others start dictating your actions and decisions, it becomes much harder to live the life you want.

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2. Complaining too much

Complaints can serve a real purpose if they help you get something off your chest or bring about real change. Voicing your frustrations is a natural way of dealing with them.

But complaining too much is counter-productive. Rather than serving a useful purpose, it becomes about bitterness and negativity.

Instead of getting upset at important, meaningful problems, you get mad at the little things that normally don’t matter.

That can make it seem as if the world is full of problems and difficulties that really aren’t there. It’s hard to feel good about yourself when the whole world seems negative.

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