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5 Steps to Shift Your Perception

Many people struggle to find contentment and to reach their goals. This makes them hopeless and leads them to think they cannot influence their future. Changing the way you look at the world can (and probably will) lead to a positive outcome.

These are the questions to consider:

  • How much of your life are you in control of?
  • Do you think that you have control over what happens to you?
  • Or is everything down to fate or destiny?

We will list five steps that help shift our perception.

1. Examine our thoughts and beliefs.

Your attitude affects the way you deal with others, the way you handle different situations and the way you make choices and decisions.

All of us have filters through which we view the world – and they greatly affect the way we interact with life.

  • People who have a negative attitude also sprinkle their actions with negativity.
  • People who believe that people with money are all dishonest likely won’t be rich.
  • People who believe that they are better than others probably have few friends.

Take some alone time and think about how your view of the world limits your possibilities. The first step to shifting your perception is to recognize the limits (and benefits) of your current world view.

  • If you are negative, try to be optimistic for just a day or even an hour.
  • If you think people with money are all lucky or crooks – change those negative beliefs about money by reading biographies of successful people.
  • And if you believe you are better than others, try to treat them as equals for a change.

2. Figure out what needs to change.

Can you spot any ways that are unjustifiably limiting yourself?

Our ego prevents us from seeing attitudes that need to change – because this is a way of protecting us from the pitfalls of uncertainty or of the unknown.

Dig deeper and listen to what your gut tells you. If that doesn’t work, listen to those who care about you.

They’ll often be able to give you advice on areas in which you need to adjust your attitude or approach. You can’t shift your perception if you are blind to what needs to change.

3. Notice how I affect my results.

Can you link the attitude you hold and the way you handled a situation to the outcome that followed?

An honest analysis may reveal solid links between results and the manner in which you approached and dealt with a situation.

Trace how your thought patterns, your opinions, your beliefs, and your biases affected outcomes, big or small, positive or negative.

Everything that happens to you is a product of energy that you beam out to the world. You’ll start to see that more and more as you connect the dots between your actions and results.

4. Be open to change.

Perceiving your life as you want it takes effort every step of the way. Admitting that you need to adjust is hard, and being honest about what needs to change is even harder. It’s no wonder that most people don’t like change.

Be mindful of the steps you are going to take. Meditate on them and see the steps unfold before you as you take them one at a time.

It would be foolish to think that this is an overnight endeavor. Existing perceptions form your reality, and as such you’re changing in ways that will effectively create a new reality, where miracles – things that you never thought could happen to you – are indeed possible.

5. Bask in the positive.

As important as it is to identify and change your views about life that are holding you back, it’s also necessary to focus on areas that will help you be more optimistic.

Acknowledge successes that have come about due to your strong skills, attitude, and perseverance. Try to fill your life with more of the same. Develop a habit to think positive.

Soon, you will defeat the perceptions that make you cynical and hold you back. Use this positive energy to foster the courage and strength to create your ideal reality.

You hold the map to your own life path. See your journey as the journey that you want to take. Picture the roads and avenues that you want to use to travel through life. Visualize the impossible as possible. And view the world as you never have before to experience what you never thought was possible.