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Your Relationship Is Worth Keeping If You Are Experiencing These 5 Signs

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Relationships, whether intimate or platonic can bring out the worst or best in us. Without a doubt, couples who manage to make relationship work longer than usual are indeed commendable. I agree in the signs presented in this article especially number one.

If your relationship is really worth-keeping, there is no need to change or perhaps put your best foot forward just to please your partner.

You don’t change your personality when you are in a right relationship but you simply improve it. Below are 5 signs that you are in a healthy relationship:

1. You Are Truly Yourself

There are many people that find a lot of value in the idea of compromise, but when it comes to giving up elements of yourself to please or maintain a relationship, I personally don’t feel that it is very healthy. The best and often longest lasting relationships are those in which both parties can effortlessly be themselves without being faced by or fearing judgement, ridicule, or pressure to change.

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