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Change Starts With YOU: Breaking From The Old And Make Way For The New

qimono / Pixabay

When you understand that YOU yourself have energy, then you begin to understand that you can chose to direct it to create the life you want, and the world you want.

You are a human being that has the power to make great things happen! Simply look at history and all the great good things that have been created by men and women.

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Enough of setting up your own excuses to limit yourself! Wake up to the energy you have within and go out there and CREATE! Make things happen!

Use all the forms of energy that power your true being, forms like motivation, drive, and your passion! Do more of what you love doing and not let anything stop you because where there is a will there is a way.

You are a great being simply because you ARE! This may be hard to swallow but everything around you is only a perception from yourself, whether something like gold has value or not, or whether a person is good or evil. Change the meaning of what you give those perceptions and you can change the things…

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