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Women are Kicking Butt in the 2012 Olympics, Who Said That Positive Thinking Doesn’t Work?

positive woman athlete

positive woman athlete

We see a lot of garbage on TV nowadays, but perhaps one of the few things worth watching is the Olympics, why? Because it shows many examples of some of the basic building blocks to feed and develop your positive thinking. The hard work, the dedication, inspiration, motivation that every athlete portrays not only reminds us of the meaning of those words, but shows an example of what we can achieve by staying motivated and believing in ourselves.

Through the power of positive thinking and the empowerment of our women, we clearly see that it starts affecting people’s drives, and lives. Just take a look at the number of women from the US team who made it to the 2012 Olympics and the number of medals so far.

This example not only illustrates how creating a positive thinking culture has affected the women competing in the Olympics but that it has the potential and power to inspire, uplift, and encourage those young ones that could be watching.

They are playing to inspire, to uplift, to challenge the notion that women belong in certain boxes.

It’s a trope we’ve been hearing at various volumes over the last four decades, and at times I wonder if the message has grown tired.

How many times can we empower female athletes before it starts to sound like white noise, or worse, implies an alternative to those who would’ve never otherwise considered it?

Is it overkill? Is it necessary?

Then the skeptic in me peers up at the medal count, and the doubt washes away.

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No, it is not overkill. Yes, it is necessary.

Why? Because it’s working.

I mean it’s really, really working.

The proof is in the numbers. By Saturday evening, women had earned, by my count, 58 of Team USA’s 102 total medals.

But the overwhelming success of America’s women’s teams is even more telling.

By conventional definition, there are six team sports in the Olympic Games*—basketball, soccer, handball, field hockey, volleyball and water polo.

In all of those sports (with one semi-exception), the U.S. women’s team was more successful relative to its peers than the U.S. men’s team.

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Source: Bleacher Report

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