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Why We Need Change And Variety In Our Lives

looking out the window

looking out the window

It’s the reason why people who lead busy lives take a holiday break to a far away destination. They want to unwind, by experiencing change and variety in their lives. It’s for the same reason that we will renovate or spruce up our homes after some time.

We simply want to live in a new environment that is characterized by change. So, why is change and variety so important in life? Could it be an ingredient for happiness?

Think about going to the same workplace and not getting a promotion all those years. And when you request a salary raise, your boss says they are yet to review their remuneration system. But this never happens.

In such a situation, a few things are likely to happen. All employees will get bored.

And when that happens, some will leave while the ones who choose to stay will not perform due to lack of morale. So at the end of the day, productivity is affected, and so both the employer and his employees end up losing.

What the employer failed to do was to implement change. They should have implemented change by rewarding those who deserve it, or by promoting those who need to be promoted to another level in the management spectrum.

Think about someone who works all day long, 7 days a week. This person is bound to wear themselves down because they are always attending to one thing all the time.

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