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Why We Lack Belief In Ourselves

lacking self-belief

Childhood Programming

Parents are the most important influence on a child. It’s therefore natural that if they have high self belief, they will pass it on to their child, and vice versa.

This means that, if you lack of self belief, it’s possible that you got it from your parents.

For instance, if you grew up hearing your parents say that none of your family members is good in sports, there are high chances you won’t believe you can do well in sports either.

Overall, when you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything you want in this life.

Sure, factors such as, negative self talk, unfair comparisons, childhood programming and lack or external support can cause you not to believe in yourself, but the good news is that self-belief is learnable.

With the right knowledge and support (a trusted friend, coach, teacher etc.), you can be able to believe in yourself if you want to.

Photo credit: Daniel Oines