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Why Kindness Is Not A Weakness

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Kindness Brings Joy, Inner Fullness and Personal Power

It may interest you to know that some people who seem to have everything going well for them i.e. smart, wealthy and powerful men and women, are very unhappy, weak and empty on the inside.

Yes, you read that right!

With all their millions, they constantly suffer from anxiety because they fear being rejected or taken advantage of.

To maintain their power and control, they treat themselves and others with harshness; something that pushes people away from them. The result? A miserable, lonely and empty life.

On the other hand, being kind to yourself and others can take away that emptiness, and replace it with inner peace, fullness of love and a sense of personal power.

You don’t have to do something big to change someone’s life. Small acts of kindness such as complimenting someone’s looks, or carrying your neighbor’s shopping bags are just as powerful.

So, ignore all the naysayers and show kindness to others.

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