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Where You Should Never Expect To Find Happiness

walking lonely thinking

1. You try to save a toxic relationship hoping that your situation may change.

When you are in a relationship and you invest your emotions in your loved one, it seems easy being blinded by their imperfections. You are well aware that you are in an unhealthy commitment but you deem your relationship as a routine you just cannot get out of.

You are always hopeful that your partner will change for the better without knowing that you have already wasted your precious time.

2. You always think as though you are the one responsible for the happiness of others, unaware that you are already forgetting your own happiness.

You become guilt-stricken when you cannot comply with other people’s request.

Even when they are already crossing the lines, you still feel that you are solely responsible for their own feelings. You believe that it is completely wrong to say ‘no’.

3. You continue to cherish “friends” even when they keep on hurting you for fear of being alone and lonely.

Friends can be a great source of happiness, but if you only experience pain and they do care about your feelings, there is no point saving your friendship.

You will still feel incomplete if you choose to be friends with the wrong people.

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When you experience true happiness, you know for a fact that you are not compromising your own feelings just to give way to others.

Your own happiness depends on you and not on someone else.