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When Feeling Lost After A Relationship Has Ended

alone after a breakup

Painful breakups can cloud one’s judgement and make them focus only on the negative instead of the vast number of possibilities that could be awaiting them.

Some people even go so far as blaming themselves for the ending of a relationship.

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What one should understand is that if a relationship doesn’t work out, maybe its for the best that both parties go their own separate ways instead of hurting each other further. Things happen for a reason.

Given time, they can learn to start anew.

Keep yourself healthy and your mind fresh

People, especially after a severe breakup, let their minds dissolve into a dark, toxic mist of hatred, depression, anger, frustration, resentment, self-loathing and rage that they forget to take care of themselves.

They are too busy with analyzing every aspect of their breakup and either starve themselves in the process or end up binge-eating.

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