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Whatever You Are Feeling At This Moment Is Because You Have Practiced One Of These Two Things.

practice the way you want to feel

Think Differently, Become Consciously Aware and Feeling Good!

In order to think differently, you must first become aware of what you are thinking about. The human brain takes in only a fraction of the information that it receives.

Your brain is actually filtering the information that you are given.

This is why you must practice feeling different. Start small. Just like exercising your body, start small and work up. When your brain tells you/your body that you feel bad, begin asking questions.

1. Why do I feel bad? Where does the problem seem to be coming from? What makes me believe that I feel bad?

2. Then ask yourself, what does it feel like to feel good? What make me feel good? Why do I believe that I feel good?

Through these questions, you are causing your brain to stretch and grow. It is searching for information that is there, but there isn’t a current link available to the information needed.

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