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What Self-Growth Stage Are You In?

positive and negative balance scale

Stage -3 : Fear

Despair, manic, jealousy, does not understand connection with life. Self-destruct or destroy.

Stage -2 : Misery:

Anxiety, depression, envy, resentment. I am not worthy.

Stage -1 : Pessimism

Negative, anger, talk bad about others, ego, sadness, unmotivated, hurt. Things happen to me.

Stage 0 : Neutral

Whatever, robot-like state, sleeper, unaware nor much caring of surroundings or self. I simply exist. Things happen.

Stage +1 : Optimistic:

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Seeking general advice to grow, discovery of the law of attraction, success-driven, positive, capable, optimistic, motivated, hopeful, reach higher potential. I can do this. Things happen for a reason, but I can also make things happen.

Stage +2 : Awakening:

Understanding of the law of attraction and manifestation, curiosity of higher consciousness, questioning existence and purpose, reality and life. I am more than this body.

Stage +3 : Awakened:

See the bigger picture, everything connected to everything, spirituality, energy, life force, higher vibratory state of consciousness, worry-free, harmony, better picture of all that is, everything has a purpose, motion, everything is alive, one with all, better comprehension of reality, what harms one harms all, what helps one helps all, dimensions, densities. Self-aware. I can co-create and create.

Which stage can you identify yourself better with?

What comes to your mind after going over this list?

See how you can jump-start up into the Awakening Stage by going through some of the things I learned throughout my journey among the first Stages.

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