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4 Things Someone With Anxiety Doesn’t Always Know How To Tell You

Please don’t  try to talk us out of the way we are feeling right now

Listening and being there is key. Sometimes an anxious person simply needs to be listened to. When we try to talk them out of it has the potential to do more harm instead of good.

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Trying to relieve us of our fear or sadness might seem like a good idea.

And sometimes, it is. In fact, we might even ask you if we have any reason to be worried, so that we can try to combat that irrational part of us that is constantly afraid.

But there’s a fine line between trying to help us and trying to talk us out of it.

Never tell us that our worries don’t exist, or that we can get over it if we just stop thinking about it.

All that does is make us feel like we’re broken—that there’s something wrong with us that even our closest loved ones don’t understand.

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