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These Are 3 Significant Lessons Learned From Going Broke

lessons learned from going broke

2. You Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are

I have been fortunate to have friends who are consistent and true. They know I am cash-strapped, but they haven’t pulled a runner. They’re still my friends, and they’re still there for me. To have friends like that is one of life’s richest blessings.

Some of them have even helped me along the way (without me ever asking for any help) by paying me to babysit, sending writing or editing work my way, paying for a nice dinner or treating me to something nice while out shopping.

3. Life Goes On

Going through a bad financial patch can be devastating – loss of a job, loss of income, loss of your home, loss of possessions, the struggle to put food on the table and pay your bills is not easy. Unfortunately, life does not stop because you have no money.

There are people who lost everything and ended up moving in with relatives, or to a homeless shelter, or worst case scenario — lived in their car. The sun still rose, the day still went by and life just carried on.

There are some very harmful habits we can begin to identify, these are the kind that are keeping you broke unable to progress in life, always stuck in the same hole and situation. A lot has to do with the core beliefs you have developed up to this point. Here are some of those nasty habits that are keeping you broke so you can begin to identify them and start changing these now!