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The Breathtaking Photos Captured By A Photographer Who Visited A Remote Mongolian Tribe

Mongolian tribe people riding reindeer

Mongolian tribe people riding reindeer

It is simply amazing to see that such tribes still exist around the world, the sad part is that many have also disappeared. Here we can enjoy and appreciate how this particular “Lost” Mongolian tribe lives in par with their environment and nature. You can clearly see a special bond has been developed with the animals that surround them.

Gone are the days where the majority of peoples of the world used to have this connection with the earth and its sentient beings. As we rapidly progress in our modern and technological world, it seems that the lost ones are not they but us instead.

There is a special feeling when you observe these people and how they live connected with nature, one can only imagine their first-hand experience, but nonetheless we can at least appreciate these photos:

Mongolian tribe, man riding reindeer

Monolian tribe - man with wolf

Mongolian tribe - child sleeping with reindeer

Mongolian Dukha tribe - man with bear

Mongolian Dukha tribe - girl with bambi

Mongolian Dukha tribe - boy with eagle

More about the photographer:

Sources: Photo credist: Hamid Sardar-Afkhami | as seen in Higher Perspective

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