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Why Are Sensitive People Special?

Some people out there have a heightened state of sensitivity and can feel emotions on a deeper level than the average person. Emotional intelligence is often a higher step of evolution in sensitive...

We Have All Heard About Karma But What is Dharma?

Often we hear about Karma, but there is something else that is as important if not even more important. This is called Dharma. You may or may not have heard about it but it is the counterpart of what...

Pick A Door And See What It Says About You

This is a really neat quiz, I was actually very surprised when I read the results. Simply look at these images above, concentrate on these arches and see which one you feel more of a connection with...

Do You Know Your Energy Vibration?

Do you believe that colors have a way of vibrating different levels of frequency? It has a lot to say about the state of our mind, soul and body. In fact vibrations can help you determine how at...

Keep Negative Energy At Bay

The people we allow to come into our lives can create a huge contribution to how we see life. If we are surrounded with negative people, we also attract negative energy. The problem with allowing...

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