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Healing The Past That Still Affects Us Today

All of us live in a great world where we experience duality, the experience of going through a wide range of emotions and situations we live both as negative and positive. A lot of times, the...

6 Key Things On How To Overcome Anxiety

Physiology dictates that we experience stress when met with an unfavorable circumstance. This is supposed to jump-start our survival instinct and help us react accordingly. Anxiety is a kink in this...

How Daily Affirmations Can Help Change Our Lives

Today, I am worthy of anything I desire to be, have, and do. – This is what I tell to myself when I wake up in the morning. Indeed, a powerful affirmation to feel good and start my day right. What...

10 Things To Feel Grateful For

As a human being our only job is to be happy, happy for whatever the reason. Life is supposed to be fun and exciting if it’s not then you are missing the point. Challenges and difficult...

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