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When Others Take You For Granted: These Are The Things You Want To Do

feeling unappreciated

Talk About It

It’s easy to make assumptions when people take you for granted, but until you open up and talk about it, you will never know the reason behind it.

So, don’t hold it in; speak directly to your offenders, and let them know how they’ve been treating.

Say, clearly, but politely that you won’t accept being unappreciated anymore. Remain calm and polite, and make it clear to them that you mean business.

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Stop Being Nice All The Time

Being kind and respectful to others should be part of our daily lives, without expecting anything in return.

Unfortunately, there are people out there who will take advantage of your niceness without feeling guilty or considerate. Don’t suffer in silence.

Know when to stop being nice, and put on a firm attitude. It works like charm, so try it. Nobody will ever take advantage of you again.

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