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Simple Everyday Activities With Meditative Effects

taking a walk in nature


Breathing is the difference between feeling anxious and relaxed, for proper meditation relaxation is a requirement and it’s almost impossible to meditate without relaxing.

In that case, deep breathe is needed if relaxation is to come forth.


Cooking may be an incredibly powerful act of meditation.

Cook your favorite food and ensure that you are doing it out of passion but not as routine duty.

This makes you enjoy every spice that pass through your hands to the cooking pan.

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Eating is mindfully a simple and delightful act.

Taking your time to eat is much healthier than shoveling food down while in rush to the next meeting.

Ensure you take time to feel the temperature of you food as it passes through your mouth to your intestines.

This makes it comfortable and enjoyable as you make every single bite of the delicious food.

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