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Quick digestible tips for positive thinking

Positive Tip #9

How to think positive tip #9 Don’t confuse mind and brain for they are NOT the same thing...

How To Think Positive Tip 8

Sometimes you think you are worthless because of things always going bad, not the way you planned or expected them, because you believe you are not good enough or worthy of anything. You become so...

Remove Yourself From Negative Conversations

Remove yourself from low energy conversations such as those containing gossip, bitterness, and complaining. Because if you think about it, how does all that help you really? It’s always...

Allow Yourself to Dream

Allow yourself to DREAM, just remember ACTION is what takes you to the next step. If you but think about it for a second, everything that you manifest in your life comes from imagination. This is...

Become a Person Who Offers Value

If you become a person of value to others by giving… You have already become more successful than by seeking success itself. There are forces in life that we do not fully understand, for this...

How To Think Positive Tip #5

Always have a goal of what you want to achieve in life to make you happy. Everyone has their own meaning of what happiness is. But the more you define it, the clearer is your vision to attain it...

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