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Start Paying Attention To What Inspires You!

If you’re looking for focus and purpose in life, one of the best ways to do this is to pay attention to what inspires you. This is a matter of getting to know and trust yourself. You can also...

My Greatest Enemy

Many times, we become our worst enemies. We limit ourselves, our creativity, and our ability to create our own reality. We demotivate ourselves and talk ourselves out of potentially wonderful...

Why We Need To Act On What We Want To Create

A lot of people that know about “The law of attraction” start to get frustrated when they cannot make it work. They follow all the steps mentioned by many gurus and experts to no avail...

Why Sometimes a Blind Person Sees More Than You

A blind person may not have the gift of sight, but may develop every other sense available and be much more appreciative. We all have certain things that we take for granted. Learn to appreciate the...

Self Mastery is True Power

One of the toughest but most rewarding challenges in life is finding our self value and learning that we can master our own mind, and body. But concentrating on the things that better serve us and...

The Paradox of Negativity

Negativity is not always negative because you can’t see the positive without seeing the negative, so even negative can become positive. Many see bad people and experiences as negative, it is...

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