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10 Major Benefits Of Meditation

  Meditation is a practice of relaxation where an individual trains their mind by inducing a level of consciousness to attain certain benefits. Normal life nowadays is full of stress and...

How Repetition Can Help You Reprogram Your Mind

We each have different abilities when it comes to creating new habits and being able to reprogram our mind, so maybe for some people the same habit can be a little more complicated, while for other...

When We Are Born Into This World

When we are born into this world, we are almost perfect. As we grow into our first 5 years of life, our imagination has no limits and we have no worries, the world seems a great place to be in. We...

Stop Existing And Start Living

“Life is short, don’t make it shorter”.  This quote may be somewhat humorous, but if you are going to delve deeper into it, you will come to realize that you really have to live...

Start Paying Attention To What Inspires You!

If you’re looking for focus and purpose in life, one of the best ways to do this is to pay attention to what inspires you. This is a matter of getting to know and trust yourself. You can also...

30 Day Happiness Challenge

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