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How Positive Daily Affirmations Can Help

life is good

However, telling yourself you are beautiful, confident, and independent when you simply don’t feel like it is not something that happens overnight—in fact, it may take days, weeks, and (perhaps) even months to see your desired results! But when they do, oh, they will feel like a new skin:

Beautiful, confident, independent, and then some!

But first, try using affirmations with baby steps. Remember:

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At first, you have to make a decision to consciously affirm yourself—preferably, while looking at a mirror, using a tape recorder, or even in the presence of your loved one or confidante.

You will see the difference, and you will notice the improvement if you keep insisting and persisting long enough.

  • Say to yourself: I am beautiful.
  • And to yourself again: I deserve to smile.
  • And remind yourself: I am worthy of living a happy life.

If you start affirming these things, then the rest will follow.

Photo credit: Sean and Lauren