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Practical Ideas For Boosting Self Esteem When Dealing With People Who Put You Down

dealing with people who put you down

3 Ways To Boost Confidence When Dealing With People Who Put You Down

Because you recognize that this person has no self worth; understand that they will go all the way to humiliate themselves and you.

But that’s only if you let them. By mentally unmasking their intentions, you’d have armed yourself fully to guard your dignity and stand your ground confidently. Here are three tips to help you achieve that:

1. Avoid immediate reaction

While most people will instinctively get angry at insults or other derogatory behavior against them, anger only fuels the insults and provides more ammunition for the aggressor. When you get angry, you’d have handed them exactly what they wanted by revealing your weaknesses.

Instead, ignore them, don’t validate their bad mannerism with a reaction; certainly not an angry one. If you are around a crowd, keep the conversation going as normal and simply pay no attention to the aggression.

Staying calm and not hurling back insults of your own puts you in control of the situation and of your emotions. And you know that being in control is like the fuel of self esteem.

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