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How A Painful Childhood Affects You In Adulthood And How You Can Move Forward

childhood and adulthood

Giving special consideration to physical health, it is of great essence to note that a child who grows up bitter memories of past encounters often has a heightened stress response.

This has an effect on the emotions which includes difficulty of sleep, lowered immune function, and can also cumulatively lead to physical illnesses among which chronic fatigue syndrome, arthritis, headaches, cardiovascular disease, gynecological problems and irritable bowel syndrome are part.

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As a consequence, they might engage in activities that see to them being physically inactive. They include smoking and likely drinking.

Having discussed the effects, it is also prudent to get the way forward by shedding some light on what to do and what to avoid so that the past does not keep on recurring from time to time.

First and foremost consider talking to someone of greater experience and perhaps a different mettle, whom you move along with concerning your feelings and experiences.

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