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How A Painful Childhood Affects You In Adulthood And How You Can Move Forward


childhood and adulthoodConcerning effect on relationships, it is difficult for those who have undergone the encounter to trust others.

They hardly form and sustain a relationship because there is reduced levels of social interaction.

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Taking an example if you are abused during your early age, you will believe and internalize the words.

These messages become ingrained that, when you have been abused or traumatized and grow up with it, you will often experience feelings of low self-worth or poor self-confidence.

For this case, rebuilding your self-esteem is necessary. It is a gradual process but a crucial one. This can be done through activities such as:

  • Starting small with the pursuit of your dreams and aspirations
  • Creating a compelling vision of your future
  • Socializing with people who motivate you
  • Doing something you are good at
  • Setting achievable and conceivable goals

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