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New Research Uncovers Real Causes of Depression

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Another element that treats depression in a different light is when Dr. Mercola quoted some findings, in an article written by Dr. Kelly Brogan that decreased cortisol sensitivity may encourage postpartum depression, bipolar depression and melancholic depression.

Once triggered in the body, these inflammatory agents transfer information to the nervous system, typically through stimulation of major nerves such as the vagus, which connects9 the gut and brain. Specialized cells called microglia in the brain represent the brain’s immune hubs and are activated in inflammatory states. In activated microglia, an enzyme called IDO (indoleamine 2 3-dioxygenase) has been shown10 to direct tryptophan away from the production of serotonin and melatonin and towards the production of an NMDA agonist called quinolinic acid that may be responsible for symptoms of anxiety and agitation. These are just some of the changes that may conspire to let your brain in on what your body may know is wrong.

As shown in the original article, it is highly recommended that individuals should follow best practices to stave off depression such as embarking on a low sugar diet.

It is imperative that this information is passed on to the people struggling with depression as it may provide new information helpful in battling this condition.

Many people are misinformed about the real causes of depression and the information in the article might just shed light on the questions that continue to linger in everyone’s mind.

Does this poke your interest regarding the real causes of depression? Read full article here.

Source: The Mind Unleashed

Photo credit: Holly Lay