Life Not Going So Good? Time To Get Control Of Your Negative Feelings

getting control of negative feelings and life

getting control of negative feelings and life

Do you feel happy or sad? Do you feel enthusiastic or unmotivated? It’s time to pay attention to your feelings because they have a huge influence over your life. Some people think that having negative feelings is beneficial to life, or even a required part of life, but that isn’t true.

Negativity doesn’t help you have a better life and it doesn’t have to be a constant in your life. If you’re not feeling so hot, then some things are going to have to change. Why? Let’s talk about how the way you feel directly affects everything in your life.

Physical And Mental Health

When you feel negative, various hormones in your body can go out of whack. When that happens, your immune system can suffer, your stress levels can go up, and your overall physical health can become poor. Headaches, fatigue, illness, and pain are just a few of the symptoms of feeling negative all the time.

The longer you stay in a state of negativity, the more damage you do to your body. Chronic stress affects every inch of your body, right down to the DNA strands that make up who you are. You age faster, you get sick more, and chronic illness is more likely to appear in your life.

Your mental health can also start to suffer. Cognitive issues, such as forgetfulness, confusion, poor memory, and indecisiveness can appear. And your brain can start to age before its time.


When you are feeling down, it is impossible to feel happy. You can’t feel one and the other at the same time. You can go through mood swings, where you laugh one moment and cry the next, but if you are generally don’t feel good, then that will have a dominant effect over your happiness and keep you feeling down more often than not.

Unfortunately, your happiness does not just affect your life, it affects the lives of the people around you. Your relationships start to suffer when you are chronically unhappy. Broken relationships can create more unhappiness, and a vicious cycle takes over.

And, if you are single and looking, unhappiness has a huge influence over your ability to attract someone into your life. Nobody wants to be with a partner who feels negative all the time. It is better to be single than be with someone who is unhappy all the time. In other words, you will likely stay single until you develop more positive feelings.

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