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Letting Go of Past Negative Relationships

feeling lonely and hurt

Find forgiveness for the one that hurt you, because forgiveness is for you. Forgiving them is a part of the first step in moving on. It does not make you weak, but it shows that you are a good person and you are trying to move forward. It means that you are no longer going to let past relationship negativity and hurt overrule your life. It means that you are welcoming peace and joy as your life fulfillment.

Once you have forgiven that person in your heart, you can focus on what is more important, and that is the present. Start feeling good by doing new things. Do not hang around any mutual friends or past friends that you two shared in the relationship. There are people in your life who support you and celebrate you. Those are the ones to keep close. The more positive support you have from them, the easier it is to let go.

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