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The Universe Will Notice

There is a lot of power in the universe and if you know how to work it, your life can be filled...

How Positive Daily Affirmations Can Help

  What do you think of people with a purpose-less sense of life? Do they have interesting conversations, or show genuine compassion? Do you believe that they live happy lives? Maybe their...

5 Common LOA Manifesting Mistakes People Make

I see one thing as almost for certain: When you are trying to make something happen and you immediately see it as it being impossible, then it is. It’s much like blocking the chances and even...

Applying the Law of Attraction in 5 Steps

Working towards your personal development is a way for you to grow as a human being and become the absolute best that you can be, it affects your life in so many different ways. There are a number of...

A Little Book Making Dreams Come True?

Personal development is one of the most interesting topics I’ve been into these past few years. One of the main areas that I went into was the art of manifesting things into reality, which...

3 Easy Ways To Raise Your Vibration

Let’s begin with a simple question. Why would you want to raise your vibrational frequency? What exactly does it mean to have a higher vibrational frequency? Everyone raises their consciousness...

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