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Is The Victim Mentality Ruining Your Life?

The problems this mindset create are: low self-esteem, the “victim” never take responsibility for her actions, instead pinning it on someone else, the ‘victim” does not take charge of situations, but is always reacting to the actions of people thereby arrogating power to others.

While this situation draws attention to you, and those who care about you flock around to try to help you, which in essence makes you feel good about yourself because of the attention it brings your way, the attention will not last as people will get tired of having to validate your personality every time.

To stop playing the victim; do not be cool with being the victim, take responsibility for your actions, be grateful for who you are – some have it worse in the world than you do.

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Forgive and let go of wrongs – perceived and imagined, think healthy thoughts that will inadvertently improve your outlook on life and finally, love yourself.

There is only one you in the world, be proud of who you are.

Photo source: Frédéric Glorieux