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You’ll Never Look At Words The Same Way Again

Words have an effect

To show you how simple words can alter your life, take a scenario when one of your workmate most definitely your boss decides to overlook your hard work and accuses you of being lazy in your workplace.

Though you may not realize it these words will tend to affect the way you work or probably even your relationship with your boss.

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You will tend to slow down in your work justifying this with the words your heard and with time you will convince yourself that no one recognizes your hard work and thus there will be no need for you to go that extra mile. A hardworking employee turned into a lazy one just because the boss uttered some words recklessly.

With this in mind, it is evident that we should be careful with the words we use not only to ourselves but also to others. You should always try to uplift others using your words rather than bringing them down.

Even when things are not working as expected try and use polite words to correct others as you will be positively changing their thinking. Remember words are the simplest tools that can transform lives at no cost.

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