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Natural Ways To Snap Out Of Feeling Down

Do you feel helpless and hopeless because of a bad situation you are in? What about mood swings and sad feelings that have lasted for a while? It sucks! I know, I have been there before. Your...

Top Useful Benefits Of Eating Bananas

If you are one who enjoys eating bananas, now you will find out even more reasons to consume them. Bananas may be known for being popular with monkeys and are quite delicious and filling...

The Extraordinary Powers of Thinking Positive

The results you get by adopting and practicing positive thinking is not an overnight task. It is something that you gradually grow by conditioning the mind until it becomes a natural occurrence...

Life Shouldn’t Only Be About Work

Setting aside some recreational time to clear your minds is very important. Day to day life can be very taxing as schedules become flooded with tasks, obligations and errands. We tend to forget to...

Two Types of Consciousness

I will describe two types of consciousness that will begin to help you understand or at least make you think or get inspired about higher understanding. 1. Polarity consciousness = Constantly judging...

Is A Complicated Relationship Worth Fighting For?

In a relationship, it always takes two to tango. It never works if only one person is committed regardless of the type of relationship being established. You do not have to always ignore what’s...

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