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How To Change Your Life By Using Positive Affirmations

positive affirmations

Your Statements Should Be In First Person

For affirmations to matter to your subconscious mind, they need to be personal. You can do so by including your name or using the word “I” in your statements.

For instance, if your current weight is 200 pounds and your target weight is 150 pounds, your affirmation should read like this – “I am healthy and I weigh 150 pounds.”

Because this is a personal statement, the subconscious mind can easily apply it to your own behavior.

The Statements Should Be Positive

If possible, choose positive words without negative connotations. Don’t use statements like, “I don’t have money to pay my rent.”

Why? Because when your subconscious mind connects with such a statement, it will pick up the “don’t have” part and give you more of the things that you don’t have.

So, make a conscious decision to say only positive statements to yourself, so as to build positive images in your subconscious mind.

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