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How Overcoming A Job Loss Can Be An Eye-Opener


It’s difficult to be positive in a negative world. But, if you keep your “eyes on the prize”, as it were, and continue to be active towards your goals, there is nothing you will not be able to accomplish.

As for myself, I took the opportunity to think about what really made me happy and what really made me happy was writing. When I was young, I used to think I was the greatest writer in the world (even though no one else thought so). Now, I am taking the action needed to put that goal within reach.

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Even though I don’t have a “real” job, I still have to motivate myself to get up at the same time every day; go to sleep at the same time every day; and, in-between, work on my writing for eight hours a day. It’s a self-discipline I have to learn. Before, I only lived for my job. Now, I have to live for myself and believe everything is working out consistently following what I love doing, things almost seem to magically come together in a way I had never experienced before.

I know I will succeed, deep within me is the drive to make things happen because I may not control the decisions of others but I can make my own decisions and make what I want to create happen. And, I THINK I can do it by continuing to take ACTION.

Photo credit: Byron Bignell

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