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How Does the Law of Attraction Explain What is Going on in my Life?


universe in hands

Your mental construct can change, your inner feelings and emotions can also change.

The framework that you start building upon will grow to almost “magically” manifest the right path that matches your imagination, intention and level of thought.

You can change your dominant thoughts through mental exercise, understanding of perception, and overall taking control over your own self and life as you yourself can deliberately expose yourself to lower or higher frequencies of being.

With self-discipline you can focus your thoughts toward what interests you, towards that which you are passionate about and placing less energy and focus on, or associate less with the things that don’t serve you.

You can manifest in a negative or positive way, you can also manifest from the ego-mind or with the heart-mind.

It is ultimately your choice.


Find out how to apply the Law of Attraction effectively in your life.

photo of universe in hands credit: Lauro Roger McAllister