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How Can You Think Positive When Surrounded by Negativity?


Thousands of wise characters from our past have hammered it over and over but we just don’t get it…Until now it seems we are barely re-awakening. So there is hope.

The main point after all this is, start by taking responsibility for your own mind and life. Know and love yourself. Only then will you be able to start to remember the real you and where you fall in all this existence. Everyone is responsible for creating their own life, and what is in it. Whatever and whoever you associate with you will get more of.

Your intentions, thoughts, emotions and senses have an energetic signature that vibrates at lower or higher frequencies…everything does for that matter. This is no longer mumbo-jumbo or paranormal, or wishful thinking. There are people doing scientific research and experiments already, such as The Institute of Noetic Sciences and The institute of Heart Math.

Although many have known for thousands of years, we have disconnected from our true essence so much that in our times we no longer use out natural internal organic technology to discern on what feels and doesn’t feel right and we tend to not believe anything that is not proven by some so-called credible or authoritative figure, or on the other hand, we only believe in something told to us by credible and authoritative entities, which can be a trap on its own.

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