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How Hope Saved My Life

img_0422.jpgAs time goes on, you’ll discover inside yourself an inexhaustible source of strength that will guide you out of your darkest days and into the light of love. Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is. The fullness of your potential is achievable when you realize that you are the person responsible for deciding that your life will be a good one and living it to your fullest each day. The scars on your skin will act as a map to the place where you’ve come from, and will no longer bind you like ropes holding you back. You are the person who can free yourself from suffering.


Rishabh Puri

I’m not saying that I don’t suffer from bad days. In fact, there are days where I can barely think from the pain that I feel. Days where I am weak, and the people who love me and take care of me are the ones who are strong. But I find even when I’m grimacing from the suffering I’m feeling, that I can still look back on those days and count them among some of the best days of my life. The days when I have suffered most have been the days where I have been most loved and supported by the unconditional love my my family and the blessings of my God. Even my worst pain cannot tarnish the eternal well of hope springing from my heart.

If you feel like giving up, give up on that feeling and give into the realization there are endless possibilities waiting to be discovered before you. And never forget that I am out there fighting along with you, living each day as fully as I can. May God abundantly bless you the way that he has blessed me, and may you realize the blessings He has given you, every day of your life.

By Rishabh Puri

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  • That’s very tough and inspiring life story of yours.iv not been through times as you have but also have been through tough times and now due to hope I’m trying to live my life to the fullest.thank you for sharing your story ….Dr saurabh